Company Value

Making sure
our existence is a positive
contribution to society

One of our greatest strengths is making sure to take the circumstances and requirements of our clients into consideration to the very end.
If you are in need of or looking for urgent help with foreign language services, or if you need talent development services, please get in touch with us. We are here to help, regardless of your circumstances.

M&Partners Internationalとは


Flexibility, adaptability,
and the will to overcome challenges

The source of our strength is our honest desire to follow through on our mission to be a company that contributes positively to society simply by existing. As a company, we prefer flexibility and adaptability over strength and aggression. We simply want to be a presence that our clients, our partners, and our families can be grateful for. It is this simple wish that gives us the strength to overcome challenges.

Noriko Momohara

M&Partners International
President and Representative Director


  • Language


    Foreign language services

    • Services in 27 languages
    • 800 registered staff members
      in Japan and abroad

    Going one step further than meeting your requirements
    through our foreign language services!
    We answer all our clients'
    foreign-language service requirements.

    • Translation
    • Reception
    • Foreign-language reception staff training
    • Interpreting
    • Corporate training
    • Foreign language editing
    • Foreign language training
    • Bilingual MC
    • Foreign language writing
    • Publishing consultancy
  • Overseas Business


    Supporting your business
    requirements abroad

    • Experience working
      in over 20 countries
      around the world
    • Support for participation in a variety
      of global competitions

    We offer a similar standard of performance overseas
    as in Japan.
    We will support your company abroad using the expertise
    we have gained over the years.

    • International business support
    • Liaison services for your overseas organization
    • Overseas market research
    • Negotiations
    • Support for entering major overseas design competitions
    • Overseas event concierge services
    • Help with entering foreign competitions
We do not stop at providing interpreting services, but make sure to see your business mission through to the end.Online interpreting services.Online interpreting services,Translation of materials,Equipment arrangement,MC arrangement,Archive creation.

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Please do not hesitate to contact us regarding questions about our services or for any other inquiries.